1 A Dental Student Goes Holistic

Jan 10, 2023


It is June 2022. I am sitting on the little patio of my rented apartment in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. The UNESCO world heritage town is at the same altitude as Durango, Colorado, my previous home base, which I thought I would never want to leave. The temperature here is pleasant, in the low 80s, and the wind plays music with the dried leaves of the palm tree across the compound.
Only 9 months ago, I closed the doors of my private dental practice in Durango - for the last time after 41 years of dentistry.
Now, I finally get to share my ideas about wellness as I contemplate creating my series “Be Your Own Wellness Coach”.

Why I want to share my experience.

One of the life lessons that I learned only very gradually is that we can try to reinvent the wheel but it is time-consuming and unnecessary. With over 40 years of experience in the medical field, I have a wealth of professional and personal experience that I would enjoy sharing with you. You will find practical suggestions and hopefully food for thought and inspiration. If you don’t … there is always the unsubscribe button.

About Myself 

I was born in Germany in 1956, studied dentistry, and operated my general practice. After a while, I caught on to the fact that - would you believe it - there is a human being attached to those little white things called teeth.
As I educated myself beyond the realm of mainstream dentistry, I became critical of fluoridation and mercury in amalgam fillings. As a result, I trained to become a naturopathic practitioner with an emphasis on electroacupuncture (according to Dr. Voll). This method incorporates homeopathy and acupuncture physiology, which I integrated into my holistic dental approach.
Love moved me to the US in 1996. Since the US does not recognize a German dental degree, I attended the program for foreign-trained dentists at the University of Pennsylvania. After graduating in 1998, I taught homeopathic seminars while building a holistic dental practice in New Jersey and staying on as faculty at UPenn Dental School.
As a teenager, I had my wisdom teeth surgically removed. Once admitted to dental school in Germany, I became overly conscious of my teeth being crowded. I was told that the only way to create enough space for my remaining teeth was to extract four of my bicuspid teeth. I agreed without even thinking twice, assuming that the professors, being experts in their field, knew best.
After the extractions, I underwent a course of full braces and faithfully wore my plastic retainer. Two years later, the retainer had holes and fell apart. I was told I was all set and good to go ... no more retainer … just live happily ever after.
It was a good ten years before I noticed that my teeth had become malpositioned again. It probably happened earlier, but I must have chosen to ignore it. After all, I was eight teeth short, and yet there was inadequate space for the remaining teeth ... ? It just didn't make sense, and I could not find an explanation.
Finally, in 2001, I found out about ALF - Advanced Lightwire Functionals, a whole-body approach to aligning teeth. The whole concept immediately made sense to me and a new era began in my life!
I decided to be my own guinea pig and started ALF treatment on myself. To my surprise and delight, life got easier as soon as I began undoing the damage incurred during my previous orthodontic treatment. I became calmer, and not as easily stressed, my athletic performance and memory improved, and I had more energy to socialize.
Life got even better in 2008: I moved to Durango, Colorado. Here I enjoyed the great outdoors, dancing Argentine Tango, and the diverse community.
My dental practice in Durango was fully dedicated to holistic orthodontics, treating mostly children. I have been teaching ALF seminars for dental professionals since 2007.

Now I am drawn to reach out to laypeople who want to be actively involved in creating their health and well-being. I am convinced that YOU, and nobody else, is the best wellness coach for you. I would be honored to provide some guidance along the way 🙏.



An Introduction to Colon Health

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In my next newsletter, I will talk about the dental filling material “amalgam”.



What holds you back from being your own wellness coach?

Many topics and treatment modalities have been part of my journey so far, and, for obvious reasons, whole-body dentistry took center stage in my professional life.
Today, I would love to hear from you about your areas of interest. Can you see yourself committed to being your own wellness coach? What are your challenges? What would be your rewards? Do you have questions about how to do it? Send me an email: [email protected]

I won’t be able to give any medical advice, but your comments will inspire the content of future newsletters where I will share my thoughts and experience about your questions.