Tango Mujer Goes México

Women's Tango Retreat with Brigitta Winkler 

March 2 - 9, 2024, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

What you'll get:

  • Workshop and 7 nights in an all-inclusive, luxury hotel: Krystal Altitude.
  • Somatic morning classes with Body Mind Centering and Authentic Movement sessions
  • Integration to Tango/Practilongas
  • Tango lessons
  • Early bird pricing for a room with double occupancy: $US 1,495 per person. Promotion ends on May 31, 2023.

  • The first group activity will be our welcome circle on Saturday, March 2, in the evening.
    The retreat will conclude with a farewell get together in the evening of Friday. March 8.

This is your retreat

  • if you dance one role and you want to know it ALL
  • If you are a double-role dancer and want to expand your skills 
  • If you are a teacher looking for inspiration
  • if you like to pamper yourself while building international friendships

“Tango has begun to seep deeply into my body,

as deeply as Authentic Movement. In Brigitta, I have discovered not only a wonderful tango teacher, but a woman trained in Body Mind Centering and group improvisation. I have witnessed her take a hundred nervous strangers and transform them into a group with one or two simple warm-ups emphasizing contact. Her approach inspired me.

The mingling of Authentic Movement and Tango so polar in their outer form has mad a spicy new soup of experience within my conscious body. It seems to me that any beginning may summon our original beginning. For a a continuity of being to begin to unfold, it takes two.”

Jeanne Marie Castle, Seattle WA

"Brigitta is an original thinker and a gorgeous dancer

who had developed a multitude of approaches to teaching tango.

Brigitta is motivated by her open heart and expertise, empathy, curiosity, wonder
and complete dedication to the depths of the form.
She has a fantastic confluence of "saberes" (multiple knowledge sources) which she synthesizes and delivers in a fun form, engaging everyone in the room.

Valeria Solomonoff, Argentina /NYC
(current choreographer on Broadway for Evita)


“If you can imagine iridescent opals, sparkling crystals, 

shimmering diamonds, and bold emeralds beautifully connected in perfect balance, then you can imagine what a world of wonder Brigitta Winkler took us to this past weekend.

Every facet of her masterful teaching was evident in her inimitable style, solid preparation, and precise delivery.
Brigitta es a maestra, a whirlwind of energy, and an unforgettable teacher. Siempre, siempre recordaré este momento con ella.
We were reminded that learning tango can be pure, unbridled fun! WE LOVE YOU, BRIGITTA, and hope you will return soon … like REALLY soon.

Diane Yates, Annapolis MD

Find out:

  • why we chose Puerto Vallarta for this retreat;
  • whether it is safe to travel to Mexico;
  • how to get to the hotel venue;
  • what room categories are available;
  • how to prepare for the trip;
  • what to do (beyond Tango) in Puerto Vallarta;
  • the price for additional vacation days 

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BRIGITTA WINKLER, a curious woman who has been living, dancing, performing, and teaching tango for almost 40 years!

Brigitta was one of the first Europeans to study Tango in Buenos Aires in the early 1980s and following that, in 1986, she contributed to the Berlin tango scene by opening (one of) the first tango studio in the city. She is also a founding member of Tango Mujer Dance Company (an all-women dance company regularly performing in the US). She spent 4 years in the training of Body-Mind Centering®.
Since 1995 - with her home base in New York City - she has been busy touring and teaching all over North America and facilitating retreats in Italy

Facebook: Brigitta Winkler

More about Brigitta on YouTube

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